Posts from 26 October 2023

“Washing Powder Nirma” – The Jingle That Echoes Through Time

From CRT to CTV – “Washing Powder Nirma” Remains Constant Ah, the good ol’ days of watching our favorite shows on the television and waiting eagerly for the ad breaks. Why,[…]

Unboxing CTV Advertising and Upstox’s Game-Changing Strategy in the Indian Market 2.0

In the CTV Advertising Digital Playground: Hey there! So, you’ve probably heard a ton about this whole CTV (Connected TV) thingamajig, right? Well, think of it as your regular TV but[…]

How Boat Rode the CTV Waves to Jam Out in India’s Headphones Party!

Alright, let’s talk about headphones. If India were a headphone party, you’d have all kinds of brands doing the cha-cha, from big-name DJs to newbies trying to get their foot on[…]

How CTV Advertising Gave Zepto a Turbo-Boost

How CTV Advertising helps Zepto in India’s Metropolis Madness and the Buzzing B-Towns! Alright, let’s take a journey through the glitzy, sometimes gritty, always bustling lands of India’s Tier 1 and[…]